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    Reckless Driving Lawyer Clinton Township MI

    Even if tackling your Reckless Driving case does not seem too difficult, having an experienced attorney on your side can make all the difference in Clinton Township area courts. Work with Elias Muawad PC, and you will find a helpful and experienced team standing by your side throughout your Reckless Driving matter.

    Here at Elias Muawad PC, we understand the uneasiness caused by a criminal charge of any nature.  If you need help in the Clinton Township area, we will wholeheartedly invest ourselves in your Reckless Driving case. Our 28 years of experience allows us to best adapt our skills to each individual case a client may face in the Clinton Township area.

    If you are in or near Clinton Township and face trial for Reckless Driving charges, the professionals at Elias Muawad PC can help you. We have 28 years of practice that we know we can apply to your case.

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    You need a law firm that is entirely committed to its clients' Reckless Driving case and that is what you will receive from Elias Muawad PC. We are trained to provide you with the highest level of customer service and confidentiality in the Clinton Township community. No questions you have, big or small, will ever go unanswered with Elias Muawad PC. Throughout our 28 years of practicing defense law, we have learned that honest, direct, and discrete client service does not end with the law. Elias Muawad PC will be with you as counselors and fierce legal advocates at every step of your legal proceedings. Please feel free to contact us today using the information below to discuss any aspect of your case. 

    Elias Muawad PC

    40700 Woodward Avenue

    Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

    (313) 600-2388

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