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    Misdemeanor Lawyer Shelby Township MI

    You should never face your misdemeanor trial by yourself. In doing so, you face the potential of being poorly prepared to defend your case in the Shelby Township courts. Elias Muawad PC can help you turn this difficult situation into something that is more manageable with a higher chance of success. In our 28 years of representing the Shelby Township area, we have provided great support for our clients.

    Facing misdemeanor charges can change your life. With a past misdemeanor charge on your record, employers throughout the Shelby Township area may be hesitant about giving you an opportunity. Avoid this predicament by trusting Elias Muawad PC to help you through those tough times and give you the defense you need.

    We at Elias Muawad PC have defended clients against misdemeanor charges all over the Shelby Township area. With a history of successfully arguing cases before a plethora of Shelby Township area courts, we have garnered a healthy trust from clients in the past 28 years.

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    We at Elias Muawad PC are passionate about proper representation in the Shelby Township area legal system. Prosecutors will fight diligently against your misdemeanor case, so be sure to have someone on your side to ensure your story is heard. With 28 years of experience, we at Elias Muawad PC want to help you. Call us at (313) 600-2388 to start your representation now.

    Elias Muawad PC

    40700 Woodward Avenue

    Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

    (313) 600-2388

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